Issue with Fibaro wallplug

For a week or so I am unable to control an existing Fibaro wallplug from flows or from the app
It has worked perfectly for many months.
It looks like commands are still being sent to the device, because when I unplug it, I get errors.
The zwave log also states everything is sent ok
It also reacts ok to Basic ON / OFF zwave commands sent from HomeyDeveloper zwave section
But not from flows or the app.
I already restarted the Fibaro app, no change.
What could be the issue here?


And you tried to rmeove it and then re-add it

I experienced strange behaviour of this plug. When switching it on over the, plug started to constantly turn ON and OFF rapidly. I had to restart Homey to be able to control it again. This happen only twice so far in 2 weeks, but anyway its strange.