Fibaro Walli Switch en Google Assistant

I just added two Fibaro Walli switches to Homey, but they don’t show up in the Google Home app.
Is the Google Assistant integration not working for these devices? I want to switch the attached lights with Google Assistant.


Did you ask Google Assistant to synchronize the devices?

Yes, I did. And other (new) devices show up in Google Home, but not the Walli switches.
I guess I have to make virtual switches for them.

Weird. My Fibaro Rollershutter 3 and Dimmer 2 devices are all showing in Google Home.

Yeah, all my other fibaro stuff is, just the the Walli products don’t show up.

I have exactly the same problem

I also have in Homey 3 Walli dimmer that work in google home. Walli switch it doesn’t work in google home. Does anyone know a solution to the problem?

Any news on this one? Also in my case the Fibaro Walli Switch doesn’t show up on Google Home. I understood dat Fibaro Home Center 3 has support for Google Home for this device. This means that the device isn’t they issue.