Fibaro Walli Switch en Google Assistant

I just added two Fibaro Walli switches to Homey, but they don’t show up in the Google Home app.
Is the Google Assistant integration not working for these devices? I want to switch the attached lights with Google Assistant.


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Did you ask Google Assistant to synchronize the devices?

Yes, I did. And other (new) devices show up in Google Home, but not the Walli switches.
I guess I have to make virtual switches for them.

Weird. My Fibaro Rollershutter 3 and Dimmer 2 devices are all showing in Google Home.

Yeah, all my other fibaro stuff is, just the the Walli products don’t show up.

I have exactly the same problem

I also have in Homey 3 Walli dimmer that work in google home. Walli switch it doesn’t work in google home. Does anyone know a solution to the problem?

Any news on this one? Also in my case the Fibaro Walli Switch doesn’t show up on Google Home. I understood dat Fibaro Home Center 3 has support for Google Home for this device. This means that the device isn’t they issue.

Recently purchased the Homey Pro 2023 and this is still an issue.
All (Fibaro) devices (including Walli wall outlets) sync with Google Home, except the Walli Switch.
Used a Fibaro HC3 the last years and the HC3 does sync the Walli switch with Google Home.

"I have the same problem. I see that nobody has found a solution yet.

As a workaround, I ended up creating virtual devices which by flow operate the Walli.