Fibaro smoke detector doesn’t trigger

Hi guys,

Just got a couple of Fibaro smoke detectors that I want to use in my house.

The problem is that it won’t trigger.

I have installed the Fibaro app in Homey and connected the smoke detector. I have changed the settings by holding down on the installed smoke detector in the Fibaro app and then pressed advanced settings and enabled visual and acoustic notifications.

I have also created a flow.

Now when I light a wood fire and hold the smoke detector very close to it so it will get hot and smoke hits it. Nothing happens! No beep, no visual, no trigger and nothing in the log.

Anyone have an idea about what can be wrong.


Have no clue, but in all time there has been trouble with smoke detectors, and therefore i will never thrust them and will for ever be using dum approved smoke/heat detectors

If the smoke sensor was new, the default settings should be ok. If it was second hand, check the expiry date on the bottom, reset the device using the manual and connect again.

You should also perform the smoke test procedure from the Fibaro manual. This is required by Fibaro after a battery replacement. If it goes off within the specified time frame from the manual, the device should work on average sensitivity. If it does not report in time, the device is broken. If the test succeeds, try again with the smoke. Don’t hold the sensor too close, it is not a flame detector. (But it can give an alarm on heat).

Before confirming the changes you have to wake up the smoke detector.

Thanks, yes I noticed that. First I got the timeout message before I realised that you needed to wake it up. But that doesn’t help my trigger problem.

Edwin many thanks! The procedure you are referring to is that the one when you hold down the button on the top and after a couple of sec it starts to beeb like a mother?

Yes, but it should do so within 10 secs after it starts testing, otherwise its unreliable. This is chapter VI in the manual.
Also be aware it checks for smoke once every 10 secs (chapter IV), so give it time.

You said „nothing in the log“. It’s a different if you test the smoke detector by pressing the test button or with „test smoke“ and the sd starts to beep, because the sd works autarke, or if you receive in addition a push notification or something else via Homey. Because for that the sd has to be in contact with Homey.
Are the smoke detectors your only Z-Wave devices? Or do you have some Z-Wave actors (repeater)?

Mary thanks guys!

Yes, it starts to sound verk much within 10 sec.

I do not have any other Z-wave gear. The Smoke sensor is max 5 m from my Homey.

After pressing and getting the beep there is still nothing in the log.

The test will not trigger the flow, only an actual smoke detection will trigger the flow, unfortunately. The manual for the fibaro does provide a procedure to test if the z-wave connection is valid. If you do that, the smoke sensor shows you what the connection state is using lights, and you will see a recent time under the smoke detection state in Homey. You can also see if the temperature gets updated every once in a while. It doesn’t do that often though, especially if the temp doesn’t change a lot.

This also depends on the setting of parameter 21, temperature hysteresis (firmware 3.2 and higher).