Fibaro smoke sensor - Remote Silence

I like to silence my Fibaro smoke sensor with a button.

My problem is that smoke sensor is placed high up and when we make coffee (roasting it) the fire alarm is triggered and current solution is to take it down and place it far away but to offend we forgot to put it back.

So I like to place a button (plane is IKEA) and when I press 1 it will silence/reset the on going alarm and ignore smoke for 30 min or so, need to test time. When I press 0 it will ignore smoke for 30 min (probably same Flow as for 1)

Will that work on Fibaro Smoke Sensor in Homey.
It didn’t work for Cleverio smoke sensor so it returned it and got a Fibaro but it looks the same in Flows, I can’t influence the smoke sensor in any way.

Regards Gunnar.

Just assuming: I think smoke / fire sensors cannot be “paused” by design, b/c of safety.

What if a person forgets to undo the pause setting, or an automation doesn’t work for instance…

I think maybe you’ll need a heat sensor instead of a smoke sensor. That one triggers when the room temp rises significantly and or very quickly.

No, smoke alarms cannot be paused. There are security reasons !
As far as I can remember, the Fibaro can be set to different sensitivities. Unfortunately I don’t have one anymore and I can’t check it.
Personally, I no longer use a smoke detector in the kitchen. It triggers way too quickly. In order to still have some protection, a temperature sensor is stuck to the ceiling. If the temperature rises above 40 degrees here, an alarm is triggered.