Fibaro Smart Implant Signal or no Signal


I have a Fibaro smart implant.

A Panasonic heat pump is connected to this, when it gets too cold outside and it is no longer profitable, it gives a signal.

I receive that signal with the Smart Implant. From that moment I start the oil boiler.

But if the signal drops, I should also be able to give a stop message to a flow. But I can’t give that signal.

Because I can only choose Input 1 switched. So there is no option for input 1 not switched.

Is there anyone who might know a solution to this?

I think you need to use the first two? The “switched” sounds like it means “toggled” (either opened or closed).


I tought that also, So I tried that, but nothing happend.

Maybe I did something wrong ? Are you sure about that ?

No, I’m not sure (although I just noticed that my post was showing Input 2 instead of Input 1, but I assume that you picked the correct one).

If the “Input 1 switched” flow trigger works for you, you can probably use an AND card to determine what the new state is, and use that to switch your boiler on/off.


You were correct. Problem was that it takes very long for the pump when to make a change.
It’s all working now.