Smart Implant Alarm 1, what to choose in Flow


I’m a bit new here so i will try to explain :slight_smile:

I have a Fibaro Smart Implant, on the Outgoing relay 1 there is a CV Connected.
On Sensor 1 there is a Panasonic Heatpump, if the pump can’t reach it’s temperature after a while it gives a closed signal.

Then the CV needs to get on and it heats up a Buffertank. But when the buffertank reaches a temperature the CV needs to shutoff (For security reason, floorheating) That temperature sensor is on External Sensor 1, when that cools down it may get back on.

The problem now is that I can’t see the signal of the heatpump. In Homey there is an Alarm 1 on, but I don’t know what to choose in the flow… ?