Fibaro Smart Implant and Insights

I am still quite new to Homey and have a question. I have used a smart implant the two digital inputs to query whether the heating pump and the solar pump of my heating run. This also works wonderfully and about a virtual device I can then display whether they are running. The name Input 1 / Input 2 was in the settings of the Smart Implant unfortunately not changeable. What I am still missing is the history of the switch-on and switch-off processes via insights. The Smart Implant is listed but only the temperature sensors and Voltage Input 1+2.

Yes/No, True/False and On/Off values are not recorded in Insights.
Workaround, create a Numeric variable and let the inputs set it to either 1 or 0.
Numeric variables end up in Insights.
Screenshot from 2022-10-02 23-58-13

If you use the Device Capabilities app for the virtual device, you can create Insights for Yes/No fields. This also allows you to monitor the power-on/-off history.

Thank you for the suggestions. I have now solved it for the time being with input 1 or 0. It works wonderfully.

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