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Fibaro Smart implant, operating with Google


I’ve built a Fibaro Smart implant into my heating system. Via some flows I use this as a thermostate (combined with several Hue motions sensors which have a built-in temp sensor).
This works just fine.
But… In some cases we just like to say “hey Google, turn on the heater” and that doesn’t work.
Every other device we have can be contolled this way. Like “hey Google turn on the washing machine” (which is the name of a fibaro smartplug operating the washing machine)

Does someone know if this is possible?



I don’t use Google, so I don’t know how google exactly works together with Homey. But one reason could be, that the Smart Implant is shown as 1 device in Homey but it has 2 outputs which can be separately turned on and off.
A possible solution may be to add a virtual switch (Homey build in solution or with the Virtual Devices app), name the virtual switch e.g. “Heater” and build a flow that the virtual switch turns on/off e.g. output 1. Then add the virtual switch to Google.

– Virtual Switch “Heater” pressed / changed
– Virtual Switch “Heater” is turned off
– Smart Implant Output 1 on
– Smart Implant Output 1 off

Hey Fantross,

that was actually a very simple way to solve my problem!
Thank you!


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A fine solution indeed. For completeness sake: the other option is to make the flows to turn the heater on and off favorite in Homey. That way Google Home can start these flows. If yo want to go all the way, you can add extra sentences to activate the heater flows using Google routines. That improves the WAF if Google fails to understand her commands.

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