Fibaro Roller Shutter V3 - somfy relay box - calibration settings

I recently bought a Fibaro roller shutter V3 to operate my sun screens, however my 2 sun screens are operated by a Somfy relay box. When I connect the Fibaro R/S V3 to the Somfy box, the Fibaro R/S V3 wants to calibrate and shuts down after 1 second down and one second up, because of the relays.

When I bypass the relay and connect one screen directly to the Fibaro R/S V3 it calibrates and everything works like a charm.

But when i hook it up to the relays box it starts calibrating again, the setting doesn’t stay in the Fibaro R/S V3.

So: How can I calibrate the FIB R/S V3 and keep the settings?

From what I’ve seen there were more options in de desktop version for homey.

A calibration can only take place with a connected load.

RS --> Motor.

RS–> Relay -> Motor, here no calibration can take place, because the RS cannot measure power.

When operating via a relay you have to set the parameters

  1. time of up movement and

  2. Time of down movement

That’s what I have read on some other domotic forums but where and how do you do that?!



Can you please provide an example?

You have to adjust the parameters manually.
Device Settings

Sorry for my lack of knowledge, it’s the first time I’m fiddling around with this stuff.

but is 156 the id?
is the size the time?
then what is the value?

Say my screens take 20 seconds to roll down or up, then how do I exactly fill in those values?




After edit the parameters you must save the changes!

Thank you for the clarification, unfortunately there is no change in the behavior of the FIB R/S V3.
(and I did save the settings, I also played around with the time, didn’t work)

I think it’s possible with the Fibaro R/S but through Homey the settings are very limited.
for example: I can only choose roller blinds, slats or curtains, nothing with or without positioning.

Did you already change the Parameter 151?

Why? You can adjust all Parameters with homey you can find in the manual!

Wow, I feel dumb!
I did’t get that you could put whole rows of parameters in manually.
Thank you very much, I’m going to test it tonight.

Hi there,
did it work for you?

i hope you can help me with the samen problem.


I did get it working, but after a few months the screen wires broke and the fibaro shutter relais are now collecting dust, and I don’t exactly recall how I got it working

oh thats not fine!
ok ill keep trying then.