Fibaro Roller Shuttter 3 - manual calibration using RAW


Connected a Fibaro Roller Shutter 3 today and it worked great. Except that the auto-calibration had the engine go just a bit to far so i would like to change the end-position just a tiny bit.

I think parameter 151/156/157 should be able to fix this.

  • Would “151,1,5;156,4,300;157,4,300” make it go tree seconds out and 3 seconds in?

  • Are there any simple way to read the “current values” from auto-calibration so that i can make just make a small modification or will i have to set them from scratch?

Thanks for any tips/ideas.

Setting parameter 151 to type 5 will probably be correct.

With parameters 156 and 157 you probably make a mistake. The time to be entered there is the time from fully closed to open and vice versa.

I do not know how to read out the running times which are determined during the calibration (but there is certainly a possibility), so you have to stop the time how long it takes to close the shutters completely and open them completely.

Duration from fully open to fully closed state = 59 seconds
Duration from fully closed to fully open state = 61 seconds
Now you have to subtract the 3 seconds from the determined values.
Upward movement (parameter 156): 6100 - 300 = 5800
Down movement (parameter 157) : 5900 - 300 = 5600

Raw configuration: 156,4,5800;157,4,5600

For safety reasons, I would try to move the roller shutter to the middle and test it with short times. You can still use the switch or the app to stop the roller shutter.


Ok, cool. Then that’s how i will do it. Reading parameters would be a nice feature in homey if not there already or maybe a setting on the Fibaro of type “difference from the autocalibration”.

Good idea, will try that today :slight_smile:

Thanks for the good advices @DirkG