Fibaro multi-sensor generates false motion alarm

Since a year I have a Fibaro multi-sensor that works perfectly. However since a few weeks it generates false motion alarms during the night (might also during day time, but that does not impact my flow). I noticed that this happens exactly every 2 hours, which made me think that it is related to the wake-up of the sensor which happens every 7200s. I have now switched off the wake-up. What could cause this false motion alarm? Is it really related to the wake-up?

Maybe a nearly empty battery. I have noticed this myself with the Fibaro and the NEO Coolcam motion sensors, but not depending on the wake up interval.

Battery status shows as 85%. Also removed battery and inserted again. No difference.

Dont trust these values, try again with a new battery

I have swapped the battery. Will see how it behaves from now on.

The problem with the false alarm seems to be solved after the battery has been replaced. Looks like it was empty although it still reported 70% on the battery. I also put this battery in a Neo-Coolcam sensor and that one reported the battery status as 50%. Both are not vey reliable looks like.

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As @JPe4619 already said, don’t trust the values to 100 %.

This is e.g. an example for a strange behavior. I didn’t changed the battery the whole time. The device is a Fibaro KeyFob