Fibaro FGBS 222, can't change span on temp sensor

I have a measuring range problem in the cold room.
The correct temperature in the cold room is 12.5, but Fibaro shows 14.5 degrees C.
Have checked several ways to change the range down to 12.5, but can’t find any solutions in the settings.

That’s not a lot of information you’re sharing with us.

Is this value from the internal temperature sensor from the Smart Implant, or is this value from an external temperature sensor.
However, in the manual there is no possibility listed to use an offset.

If this value is from the internal temperature sensor then the temperature is probably too high because the SI heats up during operation, like almost every electrical component. If the temperature needs to be more accurate, then I recommend to use an external temperature sensor.

Another possibility could be to create a virtual device and include the temperature deviation when sending the temperature from the SI to the VD.

It’s the external temperature sensor from the same company.

Please contact Fibaro. I can’t help you.