Fibaro Door Window Sensor 1 with temp - not reporting


I have a FGK-106 (door window sensor 1 with attached DS18B20 temp sensor)

I have 2 problems

  1. Tamper alarm is always triggered (seems like a common issue?)
  2. It wont report the temperature.

What I have done so far

  1. Removed the device from Settings ->Z-wave
  2. Included the device again

Did not work

  1. Removed the device
  2. Reset the device physically
  3. Rebooted homey
  4. Added the device again

This didnt work either.

Contact alarm works great but no temp and tampered is always triggered.

I have looked into the advanced settings but I cannot find anything related to reporting the temp to homey.

Homey version 2.1.2
Model Early 2016.

for the temperature:

as for the tamper alarm, make sure both switches are properly pressed, the foam adhesive on the back is pretty known for not pressing the back switch properly, especially when it gets old. (re-use is not possible at all, even though it sticks, it will not press the button anymore)

I will try the fix, just figure out how to install it since Im not the CLI-Pro :smiley:

If I hear a “click” on both tamper buttons they should be okay, shouldnt they?

I have installed your alpha version from github, I can now confirm that this works. Thanks alot! :slight_smile:

The tampering error is still there though, but I can live with that since Im only using it for the pool.

Keep up the good work!