Fibaro dimmer 2: set brightness to 100% for 60 seconds then return to original brightness

Hi all,

As per subject… I keep messing around with the parameters but don’t get the result I expected.

My carport lights go on after sunset to 50%.
At 23.00 they dim to 25%.
At any given point in time, I want the lights in my carport to increase brightness to 100% when motion is detected (after sunset).
Then, after 60 seconds I want the lights to go back to the brightness they were at before motion detection.

I would have expected the duration setting to be a solution but it seems to do something else?
Thanks for your help…!

First create a numeric variable (I used n3) and a flow with a trigger “this flow has been started”, set the brightness to 100% and set the brightness to n3 after 60 seconds
Then create a flow which sets the variable n3 to the actual dimlevel of the light and then starts the flow you made in the first step:
edit: corrected first pic


How about when the motion is active for more then 60 seconds?

You could use a countdown and reset the countdown when motion is detected. When the timer has expired then the light go back to dimmed level.

How would this work? How do I create a countdown?

Countdown app:

You could make something like the following.

flow 1 (this flow will be triggered on first motion but also on continues motion and therefore keeps the countdown alive):
When motion is detected --> set countdown timer [countdown_name] to 60 seconds

flow 2 (this flow will be triggered when the countdown starts running)
When countdown [countdown_name] is started --> set dim level to [high_value]

flow 3 (this flow will be triggered when no motion is detected for more then 60 seconds):
When countdown [countdown_name] is empty --> set dim level to [low_value]

My favorite is the timer app:
No extra flows needed all in one action.
Only disadvantage is that it the device will not show flows that use timer to trigger a device
Below the card:
1 The device is my kitchen lamp
2 Set dimlevel to 100%
3 For 60 seconds
4 If the motion is triggered again keep it on
5 if the lamp is already on, control it anyway
6 after the timer ends set it to the previous value

Thanks for taking the time to explain!

I installed the app.
Unfortunately, I don’t see my devices when I press “Select an item” ?

What homey software are you on? V2.0?
I have not installed v2.0 yet. If you are on v2 you need to install a beta version
(Timer (v0.4.3 stable (Homey V1.5) - 0.7.2 beta (Homey V2)) - (FKA Then More) add Timers to temporarily turn on devices)

The Timer app is build exactly for this purpose.
Strange that you don’t see any of your devices. What devices do you have, and what card did you use (on/off or Dim) I filter the devices on capability and I guess every device has an on/off capability, but for setting brightness you of course should also have the Dim capability, which is a different filter.

I know that there are devices that can control more than one light, that probably use custom capabilities, maybe that is the case here as well?

I’ve tried again now with the latest versions of homey and the timer app and luckily it works. Thanks!