Timer app

Hi everyone,

Using the coutdown today, but today I saw the Timer app by Leon van der Ree.
Can someone share a screenshot of their flow with this app?

I want:

  • Turn on a light based on a motion sensor, and if it`s after SUNRISE the perecentage of light should be set to 40%.
  • Light turns off if no motion is detected


  • Turn on a light based on a motion sensor, and if it`s after SUNSETthe perecentage of light should be set to 10%.
  • Light turns off if no motion is detected

As I said I`m using countdown today for this and I have to use 4 flows for this, so I was hoping to use less flows to make this work…


If you wait a couple of days (?) you can use the new zone feature. Am on stable version myself and the zone feature is still experimental, see https://firmware.athom.com/. But as I have understood there are flow cards for the functionality you’re asking for.

Think you will need 3 flows. 2 are pretty similar:
If motion is triggered,
and sunset is before/or after,
then set light 40%/100%, start timer 5 min.

Then you need a flow for the timer:
If timer is 0
Then switch off light

Something like this should do it i think…

Thanks, what I need is some explanation of the time app… The differences of thedrop down lists…


I’m using almost the same what you want. I control it with 2 Flows
These are the flows:

Lights On:


  • PIR Goes on
  • Hall light is off
  • It’s after Sunset
  • Dim light to 35%
  • Turn hourglass to 45 sec (Countdown Timer)
  • Set Boolean variable PIR-Overloop is True (Better Logic)

Lights Off:


  • Hourglass is empty (Countdown Timer)
  • Boolean variable PIR-Overloop is True (check if light was turned on by PIR)
  • Light off
  • Set Boolean variable to False

I hope this example will work for you.

@santa_01, There is some explanation on the app page, but here some extra info

@LvanderRee, Love the timer app! suggestion to update the app page, make it more clear for 1st time users (I remember I had trouble with understanding the 1st time too)
(Add the setting names to the how does it work explanations)

  • Time
    From app page: “Enter the amount of seconds to keep the device on
    You can also add a tag here

  • Ignore when device is already on/control it anyway
    From app page: “You can configure to not activate the device (with the associated off timer), when the device is already on.”
    The text between brackets is actually the most important part!

  1. “Ignore when device is already on”:
    If the device is already on (not by timer app but by other controllers) it will be ignored.
  2. “control it anyway”:
    The device will be controlled, which means:
    1. it will get a new dimmed level based on the timer app card
    2. it will switch Off! After the time set in the timer app card
  • keep running timer/ set this timer
    From app page: “When you have multiple flows, activating the same device, but with different durations, you can also define to set the duration to the current configured time, even when it’s shorter than the time left in the running timer.”

  • Turn off after time out/ restore to previous state
    If the device was controlled when it was already on (so dim level was changed) should the timer app return it to the previous dim level or turn off the device