Timer Motion

I have lamps that I switch on via a PIR motion detector. Currently they switch on for 300s if motion is detected. They then switch off and if motion is detected again they switch on.

How could the timer reset to the default value everytime motion is detected rather than the timer timing out and switching the lights off

I do this using the countdown app: https://apps.athom.com/app/nl.bevlogenheid.countdown
Excellent app with all the useful cards you need for what you want to achieve. “Adjust countdown timer” is one that you need.

Thanks Danone. I’ve attached a pic of my flow. Do you think this will work


Lots of topics about this already. Some call it kitchen lights, other call it toilet lights and some call it lights with countdown timer. Please use the search option on the forum and you will find a lot of this topics. Gonna close this. If you have any problems with that, please feel free to contact a moderator via PM.

My favourite example of a flow using count down timer: