Countdown Timer Examples/Help

Hi Guys

I am a little stuck i was trying to look for examples of flows using the countdown app but have not been able to find what i want so hoping someone can help me !

I have a few Lights that i control with a motion sensor and then have the light time out after 15 mins like the below

Motion is detected the time is correct it then turns on the Bathroom lights sets the brightness and then colour and then waits 15mins and turns it off,

This sometimes does not work as expected so i thought the countdown timer might help.

But i do not get how i put in the logic to have the light turn on with motion and then the timer is reset when the motion is detected again within the 15 mins before it turns off

Other info to show what i have

Not sure what i should be doing here

My Aeotec Multi 6 Sensor settings

And you have seen the flow above

Thanks so much for any direction anyone has!!


Replace the Turn of ledstrip with a Start Countdown timer for your BathroomShower timer.

Create a new flow for the timer complete event of your BathroomShower timer



Awesome thanks so much @Marlon I will try and set this up on my flow and see how it goes tonight!

I now have the following

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Also check out the “timer” app.
Makes these kind of switching much simpler!
I replaced all my countdown with timers

My light is called “gang -1”
You can choose between switch and dim, in this case my dim level is 0.45
And the the “waiting time” , I used a variable “PIR1time”because I switch several light and want to use the same time everywhere (and be able to change it while experimenting)

Every time the timer is triggered again it automatically resets
And you cann even make some advanced setting like “do not trigger when the light is already on” (this prevents it from being switched of)

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I see that there are 4 timer apps right now in de appstore. I am using the CountDown app since the beginning. I am curious why to switch to an other timer app.

In the store:

Hey @Marlon

So I must be doing something wrong here can you tell me if this logic is correct

First flow is when motion detected then do the below

Now as you mentioned I have the new flow to say when the counter reacheds 0

Turn off the light

But what I do not see happening is the sensor is not picking up that we are in the room still I set the time out for 10 mins

And I set the wake up on my Aeotec sensor to be 9 mins so I figured it should send the status after 9 mins

I have the motion cancel after 230 seconds so that it should then resend that there is motion again when we move, unless I am totally miss understanding what these options mean!

Thanks in advance to any suggestions from your self or anyone else reading this,


Could you try putting a Stop countdown timer before Start countdown timer BathroomNightLight.

If the problem still persists you could try adding a notification to your Mobile to detect if the flow is at least being triggered. Also while testing you could lower the timouts of your Aeotec sensor. Good luck!

Thanks Marlon

Let’s see if this helps!

I just used the same timer option as I did for the start see below hopefully I interpreted your advice correctly! :slight_smile:


Nice tip.
I don’t have the Pro version. Is there an app for countdown that I can use?

Do you have a white ball? They’re all called Pro since Homey cloud was introduced.
Timer apps:

If you use Homey Cloud, there isn’t a timer app yet.
This comes close (can also be used @ Homey Pro):


Thank you, it works now. “Install” used to be grey.