[Feature Request] Run Advanced Flows local

we should have an option to Run Advanced Flows local on the local ip and not only with https://my.homey.app

we can only make advanced flows remotely and not local on the local IP for Homey Pro

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You can, just add and connect the ‘start’ button and that’s what’s triggered

I guess this question could mean 2 thing, 1 what @JvdMeulen says.

or 2: Advanced flows aren’t run on my.homey.app, the web GUI only displays what is running locally on your Homey Pro.
So advanced flows already run locally, you just can’t manage them directly from Homey Pro’s IP as they have tried that with the old Homey Pro with the regular flows, it had a lot of trouble (it is just not fast enough for that), advanced flows is wel… more advanced.
Should be possible with the new Homey Pro (early 2023), but I doubt they will do that, as it is already possible with the Web GUI.


well i ment on the local ip of my homey pro , seams that your did not understand my question.

now we can only make advanced flows remotly https://my.homey.app and not on the local ip of my homey pro.

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What problem are you trying to solve?

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my.homey.app is just a webpage hosted in Athom cloud to edit the flow. The flow itself is stored and runs on your Homey.

That was what Homey v0.x and v1.x had before Homey V2.0
Then they first went to the Mobile App Only…
After that Athom Re-introduced a Web App, but only (cloud) hosted, not Hosting this Website on Homey Local as before 2.0.
There was a reason for that.

Most static content is served by the Athom Cloud.
If possible the Homey (Pro) is Local (Secure) connected for the data, and it will switch to Cloud (Secure) or Local (Unsecure) if Secure does not work.
Soon™ there will be a Port Forwarding (Secure) option for anyone who wants to configure their Router with Port Forwarding. (to speed up the remote access vs the now somewhat slower always Working Cloud Relay)

(See your Connection fe here: https://tools.developer.homey.app/tools/system or here: My Homey )

But I don’t see a benefit from Hosting the WebPage on Homey Pro self.