Where do I find Advanced fliw

Where do I found Advanced flow? Do I have to pay extra to use it? I have recently bought a Honey Pro 2023 and can’t find out how I can work with Advanced flow.

On https://my.homey.app

This url is to the page where I can download the app. I have already downloaded the app.

You need to open the web version, that’s where you can manage your Homey, including creating advanced flows.

But what URL should I use to open the web version? Are you talking about Homey Pro 2023?

The URL that I mentioned already. Advanced flows only works in a regular browser, if you open it in a mobile browser you can continue to the web version (which probably won’t work on a phone, possibly on a tablet, but is really meant to be used from a desktop computer).


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Thank you! It explains why it didn’t work from my mobile.