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[Feature Request] Re-pair/Re-placement of a device

Homey is a great linking bit, the master of glueing (smart?) things together. There is one important weakness: it cannot update the firmware of the devices it masters.

What is this feature about?

  • A functionality to re-bind or re-pair a device

Who is it for?

  1. For cases when the device needs to be paired with a native hub (i.e. Hue Bridge/ Somfy IO Bridge/ Fibaro Home Center) in order to update its firmware
  2. A defective device can easily be replaced with one of the same kind without having to touch any flow
  3. For cases when the previous pairing was incomplete (some attributes were not recognized)

How does it work?
Re-Pair works exactly like the normal pairing process. However, it is accessible only from the device itself (i.e. the ‘advanced menu’). When the re-pair is called, the pairing starts as normal. When the pairing however completes, then all existing flows and potentially settings are assigned again to the device.
As a low-hangning fruit, re-pair could be initially limited to a device of the same kind, i.e. same manifacturer, same device (different firmware/ revision).
A premium implementation would allow to replace a device of the same classification/ (used) flow cards with another one, i.e replace a Hue Smart Button with an Ikea smart button.

What value does it add?

  • Removes administrative overhead when a device needs to be replaced (defective device)
  • Removes administrative overhead when devices need to receive firmware updates (through ad hoc bridges)
  • Removes administrative overhead when a device needs to be re-paired for some reason
  • Completes the idea of Homey being the central without dozens of brand-bridges required (for security reasons)

Say, there is a smart switch is included into 5 flows, you have 5 devices of this kind installed.
a) One switch breaks or requires a firmware update: in the current setting, a new switch needs to be added to Homey and properly integrated into all flows after replacement.
b) A firmware update is required to let the device work properly: in the current setting, the entire flow-set needs to be reworked after removal/ readding the 5 devices. This is time consuming and error prone.


Now all we need is OTA updates from all different factories. And with most of them that’s not gonna happen.

Yeah, I also don’t think there will be OTA updates for for devices. Companies have no interest here…

Without it though updates are painful. Either we use dozens of bridges (which burn energy for exactly what?) Or we bind things directly to Homey, but then update is a painful process of pairing and rebuilding the flows.