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Replace Homey without reconnecting devices?

Because Homey gives me a Zigbee Chip Error “EBADF: bad file descriptor, close”, crash log code 6D686280C5, support advice me to send my device back to their office for examination.
I can not miss my Homey controller.
Is there a way to copy / migrate my existing Homey to a new Homey (or other stable device)? Without new connecting all my switches?

Nope that’s not possible yet, you have to start over again pairing all devices.

Thanks for feed back.
Do you have any other suggestion to temporary replace my existing Homey (without to much work!)

There is not yet an easy option, one without much work.

It would be possible to export a lot (like with Flow Backups) but importing on another Homey breaks all intern linked structures as these rely on unique GUIDs and new Flows/users/folders/Zondes/phones/Devices get new - unique GUIDs.

All Z-Wave and Zigbee devices only can be included in the new Homey by Pairing it with the new Homey manually.

I Have been testing what would be possible with HomeyScript but it takes an awful lot of time, I don’t know if it still will be possible when v2 is released and after V2 they will start with implementing a supported Backup and restore.

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