[Feature request] Possibility to reorder the app device screens, or at least set the default?

When opening a device, there seems to be a default screen Homey app and Homey web app defaults to.

For example an app I’m working on defaults to the “picker” screen:

and it isn’t even the first screen.

Is it possible to pick which screen is the default? I’d like the user to be sent to the measurements screen, with all the useful information, by default:

The Ideas would be

  • As a user, I would like to flag the default screen for a device, so I won’t need to always change it to the one I want.
  • As a developer, I would like to set the default screen for a device, as it most likely would be another one, than the one Homey picks. I.e. the one with all the information (measurements)
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You can’t change the default open screen currently, nor rearrange the tabs.
But it is the “first” screen that it opens, just ignores/hops over the one that you already can do with the tile itself (turn it on or off as example in your screenshot)

That is a shame, but it is what it is for now.
Thanks @Caseda for your answer.

// Tapio

+1 as feature request :pray:

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Moved the topic to “Ideas & Suggestions” and updated the title to feature request.

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