Configure homey web app homescreen

I would like to use the web app as the main controller.
Can we have a setting where we can disable the goodmorning / Goodevening and weather line ? It take a significant part of the screen and does not add any value.



Agreed, what a waste of display space that is (way too big).
Use the Favourites screen instead?

Help me out, favourites ?
I only have Home / Devices / Flows / Insights and Homeyscript.

Cheers !


Ow my bad, Frank :grimacing: The “Good morning” (Home) screen shows the favorite devices already :upside_down_face:
The Devices screen I mean,

Ah, thanks!
If I reorder my rooms a little this will work fine indeed.

Up to mounting a tablet on the wall :slight_smile:

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I made a “would like” impression of the home screen layout:

Original layout:

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