Homey Web interface ruined since most recent Homey SW update

I used to have my Homey App open in Chrome browser to have a good overview of all Favorite equipment.
The “tiles” showed multiple attributes such as Solar Power but also Smile P1 Power . This allowed me to see instantly how much solar power was produced vs. how much of that is fed back into power grid. Since the last software update the Web UI has become useless as now my Solar tile shows the temperature of the heatsink only, which I cannot change whereas this used to be possible. The same happened to all of my Favorites or Equipment tiles and I no longer have the option to choose the variable I prefer in the setting. Weirdly enough the same “tile” on my smartphone displays the power which is good but why is now almost anything in the Web UI either changed and “frozen” or gone/under construction? This way the Web UI again has become unusable for me. Please change back to previous version or let me have the option to revoke the last software update

Try to change the views on the devices page. It’s on the top left


You have to press the right button.

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Thanks ! This helped ultimately although the option to change views wasn’t visible to me until I manually changed and saved all favorites once in my Android app…