Hello, I would like to connect my fan/lamp wich should be based on a bt 2.4g connection.
Is it possible to develop some support for it?

Our crystal balls are broken today, so you have to provide a bit more information…


mine is melted :sweat_smile:

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I’m really sorry for your laps. Hope you can fix it as soon as possible :joy:

About my lamp is the following

This one is the control part. As far I know it work via Bluetooth (at least the app that comes with the lamp, no need to pair it)

This are all the data I know.

If there are any others I can tell you, just let me know :blush:

That’s not enough for a developer to even consider creating support for it, I’m afraid.

Could you tell me please what other data you need. So I can try to find them

All the GATT services and characteristics the device uses, how it’s discovered, how to pair with it.

But just to be clear, I’m not offering to write an app for it.

Does the app have IFTTT support? If so you can make webhooks to trigger it with Homey

You can try this:

If it succeeds, you can control it with Hpmey Tuya Cloud app, using one of the following two ways:

If I understand correctly, you have an app for this lamp on your phone? Downloaded from playstore (assuming your phone runs Android)? If so, please tell us which app you are using and we can take a quick look.

Don’t worry no such expectations :sweat_smile:
I’m from the “RTFM” generation, but is long time I don’t code anymore. But if you can address me in the right direction is good :blush:

No it has not :unamused:

Thank you, I will try

Thank you , I’ve already started to read it :slight_smile: