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Fading INNR LEdstrip

I am using the INNR lightstrip with succes in my kitchen.
When i enter the ktchen the goes on and of automaticly when i leave.
So far so good.

For now the strip goes on/off at once.
But it would be nice if the strip fades in and out.
The INNR-app contains the function “transition up (and down)” which works nice but this only effects the duration of the fading and always goes to 100% of the maximum luminance.

What I would like is the fading to stop at maximum which i have set in the flow.
I did several attempts to get this done in a flow (with a counter) but until now without success.

Does anybody accomplish a ‘fade in’ with succes ?
Any tips ?


The “dim to” flow card has a “duration” option for this exact reason

Crap and thanks, never saw that one.
I ignored it because i thought the parameter “duration” was just a delay.
Never mentioned the second parameter below it…it states “Delay”

I feel a kind of …stupid :wink: