Dim light over a periode of time

Is there simple or more direct way to gradualy set a light intencity from 0 to 100 over 10mn for exemple??
thanks a lot :slight_smile:


When using Philips Hue lights f.e. , in combination with the Hue bridge, u can use the build-in cards for it.



look like what I would need. But this card in not on my Osram rgbw light… i’ll maybe try hue…

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do you know if there is a way to check if INNR or IKEA light get this card to?

IKEA doesn’t, INNR i don’t have.

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Thnks for you awnsers!
as INNR is advrtised compatible with philips, could i intal it as a philips bulb and use it like it is?

Could be possible but like stated, i don’t have them. Maybe someone else can confirm?

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Its not direct, but still relatively simple. Use logic to increase variable each 6 seconds untill 100 will be reached. And use it for dimming value.

thanks @Igy. sounds nice. i’m verry new with this. logic is an app isn’t it? i’ll instal it and get cards with variable quiet like scratch? :slight_smile:

There is inbuilt basic logic that should be enough for this. You just create variable that will be calculated. You can use also better logic app for more complex calculations.
Also very useful app that can help here is Countdown app or Chronograph.
Your flow can run each 5 second increasing light variae untill e.g. 10 min Countdown stops. When you turn off the light, you reset the light variable to desired value where it should start with dimming next time.

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ok i like those idea! just 2 questions. wish logic card i use to input a variable? ex chrono? how do i loop the flow till i get the desired value? sorry for this noob questions, hope it can help others :slight_smile:

First in mobile app under the “more” menu go to Logic and create Variable named e.g. “Dimmlevel”, numeric value and make it 0. Than you can create simple flow like this:

To reset the variable make flow, when light is off than set Dimmlevel variable to 0. In this case, you need to have condition of light on in previous timer, because the flow would be runnig again.
And of course separate flow, that will be triggered by Variable change and will set the light brigtnes to the level of variable value:


Like stated in the 2nd post in this topic.

Ikea Trådfri has the time feature.
I have two versions of Trådfri, one Trådfri E14 Led bulb and one Trådfri 30 Watt Led driver.

Both have the possibility to set the time for duration (and delay) of the dimming.

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ok I managed somthing working with this :

I wanted to test the “transition” app but the dimm level of Osram is between 0->1 and “transition app” dont accept transition lower than 1. Also i haven’t been able to find the input de “transition app” result in other cards. thanks all for the input :slight_smile:

It will work with Philips Hue lights that way (Rocodamelshe post), but you must know that you will need the Philips Hue Bridge! And using bridges ist not the goal of Homey…


It should.

yes ! mistake from me!

i made this:
but it does not creat any image
that i could input here: