FAAC gate RF remote

Has anyone been able to “learn” a FAAC remote controller (gate remote) on Homey? Is there an alternative app (I cannot find anything under FAAC) that can “learn” my remote keyfob’s RF signal into Homey?? Thanks!!

I spent lot of time searching same solution (maybe not enough)…
At the very end, I setup fibaro smart implant and it works very well.
For your information I got the Faac C720


Can you elaborate on your smart control solution pls? And why did you choose FAAC over i.e Somfy or other Homey supported brands?

I want to automate 4 screens and as you mentioned …FAAC is not on Homey’s list.



Unfortunately Homey has no ability to learn RF remote controls even though its hardware is technically capable of doing so.

Considering the vast amount of RF433Mhz products on the market unfortunately Homeys list of 433Mhz compatible apps is also quite limited I’m afraid …