Extreme long startup time after double power failure

I had a power failure and while rebooting the power failure happened again (water had entered an outdoor lightbulb during the rain.)
Then after solving the rootcause of the power failure I pluged in homey. Then after rebooting the led ring started rotating normally but Homey was hardly reachable.
The spare moments I was able to make contact (using the app on my phone) during the many hours I could see it was still trying to get the apps started.

So after 5-6 hours everything seems to be normal again, but now I am of course scared to death for gettting the homey without power.

I am not using the Homey adapter, also my wifi is very stable the access point is very close to Homey.
It’s a early 2018 Homey and I have installed 7.1.0.

Any Hints or tips what I should investigate to find the rootcause of the extreme long start up time?