Extra (Main/Root) Zones beside Home/Thuis

Is there any possibility to add any extra root/main zones beside Home/Thuis ??

I’d like to place some (shared) sensors/camera’'s that are not at my Main/current Home in an extra special Zone.

Like (doorbell) cameras & weather measurements at my elderly mother’s house and / or my caravan/camper (and my Zwave Aeotec Multisensor 6 in my camper/caravan/GardenHouse when in range/parked in my frond yard) but outside etc. so my Main Home/Thuis would be not active.

Please help / recommend.

Thank YOU.

Maybe create a new Homey (service) for each?

you can switch from your App als have all placed on their own location.


I kind of don’t understand what you (exactly) mean (by that) ?

Please explain/elaborate more.

Do you expect/suggest an additional Homey (Pro/bridge) for each other location ?

That would be overkill and quite costly for the 3 or 4 purposes/ flows/sensors etc. I’d like to manage/use.
I really don’t want to manage a whole new house/apparment. Just some (important) things like “when the panic(woonveilig) button at Mom’s house is pushed. send me a snapshot of the shared cams in het house.” or "when there is movemet im my camper …).

Thank You.

With every homey (cloud) you can control 5 cloud based devices for free. You’ll need a different account = different email for each to create them.

The Homey bridge by the way, is just an extension to Homey (cloud) to add zigbee/zwave/Ble/433/IR functionality, you don’t probably need it for every Homey (cloud).

With one account, you can control several Homey’s, when you invite your other accounts and give them manager rights across your Homey’s.
So you can go to your ‘zones’ just by selecting an other Homey.

You only need to login to a Homey as owner, for managing updates and users.

Thank you.
But can I use/start a flow when for example the panic/emergency button is pushed in a different location/Homey/cloud account to trigger some actions here in my house/location (with another Homey (Pro/cloud account) (to e.g. cast a text to be spoken to my google nest hubs “Your Mommy needs help immediately!” ) ??

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Thank you.

Yes, you can use webhooks to trigger a flow from any device to any Homey, when you use the unique Homey-ID/cloudID/AthomID as identifier.

You can find the ID for each Homey here (select the right Homey), look for ‘cloudID’:

So as example, you can send this webhook from one Homey to an other Homey:

Where my ‘event’ is called "wifi" and my ‘tag’ is called "wifi_inrange"

The other Homey should respond to the webhook this way

This is the Logics card to use:
Screenshot from 2023-04-03 19-51-29

Offtopic, I consider Homey and cloud solutions not reliable enough for life threatening emergency communications