Extend OSRAM and LEDVANCE compatibility

Hi there. Did you know the app was released 3 days ago?
Ledvance Smart +

I am very curious… Can you pair the GU10 RGBW and does it provide color control? :wink:

Anyone know if Smart+ motion sensor will be supported?

Seems link nobody in this topic is using the new smart + app :confused:

Hi again, i have had a lot on my plate the last couple of days but i can confirm now that my ledvance spot is working magnificently! :smiley:

Has anyone tried to register an Osram lamp with the app? That would make the Osram app superfluous.

@Struts Thanks a lot for confirming this, you made my day :wink:
Now I have to fix the mdns reflector so I can use my shellies after updating homey (they are in a seperate vlan) and then I can finally upgrade my homey to v5.

@Undertaker: All my lamps are Osram/Ledvance, I will report functionallity here. If they work with the Ledvance smart+ app, the Osram app by Athom is indeed not needed anymore on Homey v5 (but it should stay available for Homey v4 as the smart+ app does not work on sdk2)

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Ledvance Smart+ app makes all lights working perfectly on Homey v5.0.1!!

Have just got a LEDVance Smart+ Zigbee multicolor. In Homey it only turns up as a standard Zigbee. In the same shipment I also got a LECVance Smart+ Zigbee Tunable White, which Homey findes with no problems.

I have tried to attach the multicolor bulb to Philips Hue, and it is found perfectly and can change color etc. According to Hue, the bulb is called CLA60-RBGW OSRAM.

Any idea of how to get this to work. I would really like the bulb to be on Homey Zigbee network, as I need to have the Zigbee network extended, and the bulb would be a good possibility. However, if on the Hue network it will not extend the Homey network.

Is this normal for OSRAM, that their models are changed over time and stop working?

@Sune_Andersen Which app are you using to pair the CLA60-RGBW?

The standard app in HOmey, called LEDVANCE SMART+. The describtion states it is made for Zigbee devices. I have version 4.1.7.

Have send a email to LEDVance support. They did not know there were a app:-)

Indeed, that is the new and correct app to use with your device.

There is also an older app made by Athom, it might work so maybe give it a try?

LEDVance have got back to me. And you were right.

The old ORSAM app is for Zigbee v2 bulbs
The new LEDvance app is for Zigbee v3 bulbs

Hence, I need both app’s as one bulb is v2 ond the other v3. Not a problem, and it works perfectly now.

Hi all,

The Ledvance PAR16 RGBW Z3 is completely functioning now, very happy with it!

Tested with the Homey v5.0.4 RC (experimental) firmware
The Ledvance Smart+ app version 4.1.7

Would you please allow me to ask all of you to add all expieriences with zigbee lights, without additional bridge, to the following list.

Thank you all in advance

I will add the lights I use

How did you add the gu10 par16 rgbw? I ve been trying for days now, no result. Cannot add to homey The bulb starts flashing after 5 seconds but is stil not added. Factory settings instructions seem not to work

It might be useful to reboot homey first, then wait 10 minutes and try to add again.

Unfortunately i discovered that i bought a wifi bulb which is not supported by homey. I should have bought a zigbee bulb. Didn’t realise that there are different protocols within the range of ledvance bulbs.
So now i switch to INNR because i’m sure that they support homey and they have a higher lumen so they bring more light when using colors

With OSRAM closing its servers in two months, now seems a good time to ask again if someone could please add support for OSRAM Switches such as the Switch Mini. Happy to donate one, or send the data required. At present they just appear as Basic ZigBee Devices

Do you want to know my honest opinion?

I don’t think anyone would go out of their way and implement the switches. They are too old for that and are no longer manufactured. Buy some cheap new ones from Ikea Tradfri and you won’t have to worry anymore.
I tried to register such switches on the ConBee Stick. Didn’t work either.

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Interesting. I will admit I bought a load of them (Amazon UK is selling them off cheap) in the naive assumption that they’d be compatible with at least one of my hubs - Smartthings V2, Homey (natch) and a cheap Tuya gateway. Had zero luck with all three.

I haven’t tried with my Home Assistant instance on my NAS yet but I’m not holding my breath.

Seems the claims of “don’t worry, you can use another ZigBee hub” we’ve been getting from OSRAM may have had a few caveats.

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