Expanding offest range in Sun Events

I use Sun events with offset as trigger for some flows, but offset is limited to only 60 minutes. Would be possible to expand it to several hours?


Are you talking about the Sun Events app, or the build in functions?

I’m using Sun Events app because the built in is even more limited (offset only up to 60 minutes before the event).

That is not necessary, Brane, while the app provides for many events during the day/night → you can select an other event which triggers earlier or later than the sunset/sunrise events, and on that event you can use max 60 minutes offset again.

When these possibilities still don’t fit your needs, you can use the delay trick;
When you need a trigger on, say, 7h before sunset:
-sun sets
-start timer X with a duration of 17 hours

-timer X has finished
-perform task which should run 7h before sunset.

While the flows runs daily, it won’t make no difference it actually triggers 17h after sunset.

Thank you, Peter, for your workaround and usefull tricks to use in programming flaws.

I also found out, I can define my own events in Sun Events app, depending on position of the sun in degrees, which might also solve my problem.

But anyway, why not to expand offset range to make settings more straightforward, clear and simple? I would appreciate suggested upgrade.

So why do you ask your question in the Ideas & Suggestions category and not in the topic of the Sun Events app [APP][Pro] Sun Events (Update SDK3), or on GitHub?
Btw, the max. offset range of the build-in function is +/- 720 min. on HP23, I tested myself 180 and 240 min. → link. And on HP19 the max. offset range seems to be +/- 120 min., right @Peter_Kawa?

Dirk, I posted to this forum because of suggestion to expand offset range. Sorry for missing the point.

I faced with limitation of 60 minutes in android Homey app which doesn’t allow me to input offsets that exceed it. After your answer I tried with web app and yes, there is no such limitation. Thanks for your answer. Anyway, removing input limitaion in Homey app would also be helpfull.

I’m newbie in Homey so I hope for some condescension.

Kind regards

Please ask the Dev of the Sun Events App if he is willing to extend the offset. Only he is able to do this, assuming it’s technically possible.

Because the question was posted in the wrong category, but has now been answered, this topic has been closed.