Sun Events trigger on azimuth

I am using the sun events in my flows for lowering my sun blinds. I would like to add a trigger that lowers the blinds on a particular azimuth. I built a flow that works whenever the azimuth changes but it keeps triggering every time. Who has the solution?

Azi what… was my first thought, but google explaned :sweat_smile:

Wel if you have a trigger like something Aziwhat has changed, then ofcourse it will trigger every time it changes. So try to use a logic card in the AND part (example is exactly … or lower then x Aziwhat)

Hi …

You can add a line that disables the flow as a final line …

“Then” - switch of flow X

Also creat a flow that activates the sunblind flow again at lets say 3.00 in the morning.

That way the flow gets disabled when the minute the azimuth is > and does not re-trigger

Thanks guys, I will give it a try!