"Everything local" but no local dashboard

Yesterday I had problem with connection to my ISP.
It came out that I cannot open Homey Pro dashboard. Also I couldn’t connect to my Homey Pro through mobile app. That means, Homey is not accessible through LAN at all. Of course all flows are working, but there is no way to configure Homey Pro without internet connection.

I think it should be solved, because it’s a big issue. After previous problems with Homey servers, after fixes that Athom made, “Everything local” is still a lie.


Yes, this issue still exists for some reason (apparently very difficult to solve). I would suggest contacting Athom that their recent fixes don’t work (FWIW, the my.homey.app website is never going to work when your internet connection is down, since all the code for it is served from Athom servers).

Yes, I thought that my.homey.app is made in PWA technology, and works even if connection is down. I was wrong.

Use a local dashboard

What Homey (2023?), firmware (latest 11?) and what mobile app version (8.2.x?) do you have, if I may ask ?

Firmware 11.0.0
App: 8.1.0

Yesterday I’ve got response from the support, and they said that app should work locally. I disconnected ISP modem, opened app, and this time it was working, but day before there was screen with timeout error. So in real scenario it app was not working, but with simulated Internet failure it was working ok.

Were you using some time (hours I guess) before the outage itself? Because what is still not local, is the authentication - in case it’s expired, you would not be able it to use it locally. Athom is aware but not sure they will do anything about it.

You’re probably right about authentication, as I don’t think I used much (if any) use of the app or web dashboard that day. In the simulated scenario, I opened the app before disconnecting the Internet.
After all this, I added a 3G USB modem to the router and configured it as a backup connection… But… I hope they will eventually make “everything local” as they advertise Homey Pro.

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