Eurotronic Spirit zwave thermostat valve not able to change in flows

When I try to change settings of my valve directly (opening the device in homey, and manually change for instance the thermostat modus) then that is no issue at all. But when trying to do it from a flow i get strange error messages. See picture.

Any clue? Or suggestions?

You could post an issue here: Issues · Homey-Eurotronic/homey-issues · GitHub

The app is clearly trying to show an error, but there’s a bug in the app that’s causing it to show [object Object] instead.

Thanks I will do that

I noticed with my own valves that:
When i change the temperature on the valve by hand, my Homey can’t change the valve anymore.
If i change the valve by hand via the Homey app, then Homey can change my valve also when a flow asks to change.

I recommend everyone to register the Spirits unsecure. This causes far fewer problems in operation.
Do you know the procedure?

Switching the heating mode always caused problems for me and sometimes caused the spirits to crash. I no longer use this option at all and instead only regulate it by adjusting the temperature.

So it sounds like you’re using a workaround by avoiding some features?

For clarity: when connected unsecure, can you use all features or are you still avoiding some, wh the thermostat mode

No, i don’t know how to do that.
Do you maybe have a link to an ‘how to’?

Yes, I still avoid using the thermostat mode despite unsecure. Depending on the firmware of the Spirit, the thermostat can crash completely and can then only be reactivated by removing the batteries. As you have correctly recognized, this is a workaround. Often the FLIRS technology is to blame, with which Homey has its problems. A Zigbee Spirit registered via the Conbee Stick does not cause any problems at all.

Please reset the thermostat to the factory settings.
Register a new device at Homey now.
Use the Fibaro Walli Switch as the device to be trained. Don’t worry, Homey will still recognize the spirit correctly, but include it unsecure.
You can see it in the developers that behind the Spirit entry is “Secure (x)”.

Did it now let’s see if this works.

Edit: Yes, for me this works.