Eurotronic Spirit doesn't work with flows


today i link the above thermostat with my homey. now i can change the temperature over the slider within the devices section.
up next i create 2 flows.

so actually no flow works and i don’t know why. (if i test the flows manually the first flow works, the 2nd not.)
the window-sensor send the contact alarm and i can change the heating modes manually, but if i want to use a flow it doesn’t work?

thanks for help

Hi Itchy ,

I have the same valve and it works fine with me. When i open the window it closes en when i close the window it opens. Flow is in Dutch but almost the same only i do not use the "and"colum.

hope it helps

greets Frans

it might be that the condition cards don’t work properly (will be working again after rewrite to SDKv2), you might need to change them to “logic” cards and check the tags (at the top) value of the state for now.


Not sure what you mean. Condition card is the IF / trigger?

Condition is the AND column, so the thermostat mode is/isn't


okay thanks! i changed like you said but it doesn’t work?!

it looks like there is a very hugh latency for the spirit-thermostate configuration

what is the distance of the valve to homey? and does it have any mains powered devices it is being routed trough nearby?

hmm i think 10meters (max 15m).
i wonder why the thermostate isn’t using the plug as z-wave-router. because the lug is 3meters closer to homey then the thermostate ->

after a homey-reboot it looks ok for the routing now:

just for your information, 7 meters (the 3 meters more close) is on the borderline of range with homey, especially if there is something in between like a wall or metal.
10 meters is too much, or you are just lucky if it does work properly.

oh okay i tested it and yes you are right if the homey is closer to the thermostate it works with the logic cards.

@Frans_Keeman thank you for your answer but in your flows are no entries in the “AND”-terms and I need these terms.
but know it looks like all works.

thank you all

I am having the same problem as described above. I have 4 spirit thermostats and when you change the mode on the devicetab all works beautifull, except when you try to change the mode within a flow, nothing happens. I have tried to use delays, I have replaced the homey but no effect. Without the use of flows, the spirits are pretty useless. Does anyone have the same problem? Or even better, does anyone have the solution.

sometimes i have the same problem and sometimes it workes without problems. i don’t know why.

The strange thing is that when you go to the device in the homey app, everything works wonderfull and very fast. So I don’t get it. It should be the same shouldn’t it? It kind of rules out a bad connection.

V2.0.3 (will release really soon) will add a little extra stability for flows, even though it uses the same code base, apparently gui control waits longer for the response from the device.

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Caseda, that would be great. I really appreciate all the work you have done to develop this app. Let’s hope v2.0.3 will solve the issues.

The update is live, for further questions or issues please go to the official topic, found here

Going to close this topic for this reason.
If you disagree with this dicision, feel free to contact me.

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