Euronics Spirit - Timeout

Hello everyone,

My flows are very unstable when sending change mode or change temperature commands to my Zwave Spirit heating valves as it works sometimes like a charm and other times not at all. When I test the flow by running it manually, I get sometimes a timout error.

This makes the result of my flows very unpredictible and thereof unusable. They work fine with my eedomus Z-Wave central.

Any hint ?

Are you sending commands to multiple valves at the same time (from the same flow)?

I use a complex logic, but I do not really send commands to multiple devices.

I have some flows triggered on certain days and times setting a heating setpoint in a variable.
In my kitchen I have 2 windows and one heating valve. Every window contact change triggers a flow that increments or decrements a variable ‘CountWindowsKitchen’. The change of the variable triggers a flow that either turns heating of (Valve=8°C) if it is higher than zero or that sets the heating to the setpoint value if it is zero. All the flows work well and even the flow changing the valve’s value is triggered correctly as I added a notification card for tests and the notification is send.

I tried also to set a delay of 1 sec or 3 sec to give the flow some time, with no success. I istalled semaphores for the variable changes, with no change as the flows were always well triggered without.