Control your combi boiler with a flow

Hello everyone, I’ve got Eurotronic Spirit Z-Wave thermostats and looking for the solution.
I need to create a flow, based on my thermostats status, so I can turn on/off my combi boiler automatically with dry contact Z-Wave relay, I’ve been looking for WHEN condition in my flow, specific to my Spirit thermostat, but couldn’t find it, I need a flow, so it sends a signal to my dry contact relay, to send a command for my combi boiler to start heating, when any of the thermostats are open, or send another command, (to turn off my combi boiler) when all thermostats are closed.
I would appreciate any help, thanks!

Its a bit confusing what you are trying to explain, but did you tried logic in your flows? With logic you can make a when card with variables like temperature, state, and stuf.

How? As far as I know only change in variable or flow event is possible with logic when cards. Your suggestion is correct for “and” cards.

There is no way to detect if a thermostat is open or closed. That is no capability of this device in homey. Only thing I can think of is to check if measured temperature or target temperature changed AND measured temperature < target temperature and thermostat modus <> OFF.

But I’m afraid “building” a thermostat to control the heating of a boiler is a lot more difficult than this……

I don’t really understand if he has acces to the thermostats in homey and same for the combi.

Thanks for replies, I have access to all thermostats thats on my radiators, same for the boiler, my boiler has contacts for Heat ON/OFF relay, when my Eurotronic thermostat opens, it changes screen colour to red, so there has to be some logic maybe, I have no idea how to set this up, so my boiler doesn’t keep heating all the time, even when all my thermostats are closed

I can set this up by temperature levels, but its very inconvenient

Not all functionality within the thermostat is passed along to the environment. If you have the zwave device, maybe ask advice in the forum thread for this devices?

Maybe the developer knows if this is available or can be added.

Thanks, will ask the developer, as there is some triggers for screen colour change

The screen colour is fully determined by the homey mobile app itself, a developer doesn’t even have any control over that.
The colour is based on if:

  • the target temperature is higher then the measured (red colour)
  • the target temperature is lower then the measured (blue colour)
  • the target temperature is the same as the measured (black).

So to work with that you’ll have to create your own flows to create such controls for your own purpose.
Or ask Athom to add such cards to the default flow cards for that.

Yeah, you right ) thanks, when in manual mode, thermostat reports its position in % from 0 to 100, so it might be possible

@Vasiya did You somehow manage this challenge, I have the same request - to activate boiler via relay if any of valves is opened and vice versa to deactivate bolier if all radiator valves are closed (0% position)

@Caseda thanks for Your valuable contribution. Please can You advice - is it possible to read Spirit valve position value if it changes. I mean in comfort heating mode when valve controls temperature automatically. Challange is pretty simple - to know if valve is closed o not (0% or >0%)

I am trying to select valves, which have this feature, Eurotronic Spirit have some kind of valve position reporting, but it is quite confusing (manufacturer mode, MANUAL position change etc)

Many thanks for any idea.

The Heat Controller from Fibaro can do this.
I do not know the Homey Fibaro App if it can handle this or not, but the device it self can report this state.
In full Fibaro systems I use this function to program the same as you wish.