NetAtmo Thermostat


I’m using the NetAtmo app with my smart thermostat.
Within a flow, I’d like to know if the thermostat is activating the boiler or not …
In order to be able to verify that the boiler is effectively running !

Would it be possible ??


Depends on the available tags.
You can discover those by adding an “And” card to the flow.
Pick the Logic card “value contains …”
Click at “value” and look up your thermostat. Check if you find anything looking like boiler or the likes.

It can also be a boolean value (true/false), then you’ll have to pick the logic card And “value is true”

I’ve already done this, but I do not find this info …

Hmmm, booooh… When you would’ve taken a minute to share that info right away, it would’ve saved me 15 minutes.

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When I look at the command from the app, there is no boiler information available.

Depending upon the specific type of the thermostat, it controls your boiler on/off or opentherm or Nefit-EMS. You have to look in that direction for retrieving information how your boiler behaves.

My boiler is controlled by on/off

Then the only information you can get is when the boiler is on or off. (Unless your boiler has some other control bus.)
So you have to tap this on/off line and somehow feed it in to Homey. You need to now the on/off signals, for example how many volts.
Using the Fibaro Smart Implant it should be possible to read the on/off signal via the analogue input port. Maybe other devices also do.

A totoally different approach is measure the electric energy used by your boiler. As it is on, the power used will be higher as when switched off. With a wall plug you can monitor the energy used, and also know when it is on or off.

Thank you for this answer …
I’d prefer a change in the original driver … if possible !

Well, I just think that such information is not even available in the Netatmo bridge or native Netatmo app on your phone/tablet. Maybe you can verify that. So that information cannot be retrieved from the thermostat and is not available for anyone. So a driver update will not add that feature.

However, in a flow you might be able to compare the actual temperature with the set temperature, and deduct whether boiler should be on or not.

Thank you for your answer.

I ‘ll work this way