Google Home, Eurotronic Spirit failure commands

Hi all,
1st of all thanks for the cobtributions, which helped me a lot last Year. Pls let me know when I can help you out.

Currently my Google Home Works perfectly with Homey, connected to Fibaro, Luxaflex Powerview, Hue and Eurotronic Spirit thermostats. Recently i migrated everything to Dutch spoken via Google Home. However, since from English to Dutch, the Eurotronic Spirit will not work to spoken commands to adjust temperature. Of worked in English, and also Works when manually via Homey adjusted. The Spirits are recognised, i.e. my living has 3 Spirits. But the message is that the chosen option (set temperature at 19 degrees) is not an option. Seems logic that is the language. But being recognised and all other domotics working perfect… Anyone knows the problem? Does Spirit support Dutch?

Thanks, regards Peter

sorry but iam a bit lost in here. Or iam just dont understand the question… you only want to know if a eurotronic spirit works with google home in the dutch language???

If so….what it has to do with homey then??

Hi Roy, sorry to be not clear and thanks for your response. Since Spirit is zigbee it Works via Homey. Since I connected Google Home, i can aan Google things for Homey to do verbally. Everything Works, but not spoken commands from Google Home to homey regarding Eurotronic Spirit verbally. When in the homey app, setting another temperature is possible (no connection is ruled out as cause of the failure). Thanks again!

Ah i got it :+1:dont have the answer, it doesnt work on my nefit easy also.

Maybe you could try with a virtuel thermostat.

Or someone else have the answer

Hi Roy,

Thanks, maybe the virtual option would work. I’ll try, if it Works I’ll let you know of course!

Have a great day, Peter

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Homey doesn’t export/sync all devices to Google Home, unfortunally.
I have several roller shutters and their also not synced to Google Home.

Virtual Thermostat (or thermostats in general) are synced to Google Home though!

Hi Robin,

Gutst of all thanks you for your response, much appreciated.

Good suggestion, tried it via Google Home directly but couldnt get it working. Maybe because Eurotronic Zigbee is Zigbee which Google Home does not support.

However, since yesterday i got Eurotronic Spirit working, connected via Homey and working with Google Home Voice commands. To me the solution was dusconnect Homey, connect it again, set all languages at Dutch.

For everyone else: spoken commands i.e. Set Temperature at 19 in Living (zet de temperatuur in woonkamer op 19).

Thanks all for your help, hope for others this will help to fix it as well. When Question please feel free to contact me!


Do you have the setting for sync enabled in the Homey app?
And you can tell Google Assistent to sync your devices by telling him: “Okay Google, sync my devices” (Dutch: “Oke Google, synchroniseer mijn apparaten”).