Eurotronic Spirit Zigbee

Hi Homey community.

not sure where to put this but where can i request implementation of the Eurotronic Spirit Zigbee?

I have several of those and it seems that homey does not support it even as a generic device.
It seems that homey does not support generic zigbee thermostats at all.
The only other zigbee thermostat i found is the “Tom” from plugwise.

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Hello Absalon :slight_smile:

I’m using several Eurotronic Spirit with Homey !

Juste use this app:



…but this app is only for the z-wave devices from eurotronic.
he search for the zigbee-app :slight_smile:

Oh sorry ! I didn’t know there was a zigbee version of Eurotronic Spirit !

My bad, I’ve no other solution :frowning:

I would simply ask @caseda as developer of the Eurotronic app if he would add support for the Zigbee variant; both are based on the same meshdriver…

I really don’t have the time to dive into zigbee, so won’t be added by me.
But feel free to send in a PR.

I have the same problem. Is there a solution for this?


This was not the solution. Because

So what could it be?

This one? Maybe someone did? This is why I’m asking.

Or is this the solution? What is a PR?

@RoyWissenburg if you would tell me then I can mark the right answer as solution in this thread.

There is still no solution for this(?)

I prefer zigbee over zwave because it matches with my current mesh. The more the better.

Does somebody have a solution for this? I would be great if this ZigBee device is supported.

No problem to lend a device or do some testing.

Greets Gijs

Any news on the Zigbee support for the Spririt thermostats?

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