Eurotronic Technology Spirit Z-Wave cannot be included

I have two Eurotronic Technology Spirit Z-Wave radiator valves. There were in use for one year, but the batteries run out of power.
When I changed the batteries the device was not recognized anymore.
Removed the devices. Tried to include them again.

Not successful. Get the error message “Could not find that Pairsession”.
Any ideas?

Try again, without putting the Homey app in the background during pairing, or wait too long.

Sorry, no result. The Homey app is not in the background and I wait for ages.
The message is now “Something went wrong while communicating with the device. Please try again.”

I managed to pair one that i bought from Robshop a few week ago, no problems at all with pairing.
However when trying to send commands via a flow i get strange error messages.
I returned it. :weary:

Also have this problem on latest firmwares.
The spirits even double pair sometimes have g a spirit valve and a unknown zwave device
Both non functional ofc

Same problem here. They worked fine, but during the summer the batteries went dead.
Now I changed the batteries but they didn’t react to any command I give with my homey.
I tried to remove and re-install them, but they keep giving an error messages that ‘ there went something wrong while communicating with the device. Please try again.’
When including I have to press the boost button for 5 sec. In the homey app the ‘1’ turns green, but the ‘2’ doesn’t. Or if I manage to get the ‘2’ green, I keep getting the same error. Help! :wink: