who can make an api for homey comes to Eufy doorbell with camera


Following this post because I am also interested in the support of this product.

Same applies to me

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Would be really happy if some of the Developers here can integrate the cameras. Recently I’m experimenting a lot with Home Assistant (connected to Homey via MQTT), they have an unofficial Integration which isn’t working great either. They also discussed it over here

Someone also mentioned that they changed a few things in the background not so long ago.

The biggest problem I see with the Eufy Cam products is the missing connection to other Smart Home products.

A quote from that thread: “I’ve seen rumors that the doorbell will soon support RTSP”

Homey doesn’t support RTSP, so even if the device will become more open, you’ll still be running into a wall with regard to Homey-support.

I don’t have the door bell! I only have the battery powered security cameras which already support RTSP. I tried to add them to my Synology Surveillance. Connecting the camera was possible but unfortunately RTSP support is extremly unstable (I wouldn’t even call it Beta).

In any case, Homey doesn’t support RTSP so the same applies. If the camera’s support snapshotting though HTTP(S), they should already be supported by Homey.

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I would also be glad with such an app.

Very interested here too!


I’m also interested in a eufy integration

Eufy integratie gewens. De deurbel is een echte toevoeging.

Very interested here!
I’m waiting to buy a eufy door bell untill compatible with Homey.

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In lack of a app for Eufy, you can use eufy for triggering other homey flows through Amazon alexa.
( no image capture or video)

Connect your eufy doorbell to amazon alexa with the correct skill.
Connect your homey to amazon alexa with the correct skill.

In homey create a virtual switch.

Now create a routine in Amazon alexa:

When (eufydoorbell) is pressed -->action : turn on “virtual switch homey” on or off.

Now in Homey you can use the status of the virtual switch (on or off) in any flow.


Simple, clever, effective! I created a special zone in Homey called “virtual devices” and give those the exact name of the routine. Works!

What kind of Alexa do I need for this? Dot? Echo? Whats the cheapest? Does it work on the wired doorbell also?

You need an amazon alexa account, I guess it does not matter what device you use.

A phone?

Never used Alexa before, sorry, didn’t know if you can use it without hardware.

It’s working now. Bought a second hand Dot for nothing just 5 minutes for your reply :sweat_smile:


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@martijnpoppen sure, let’s discuss this in a private message :slight_smile: