Outdoor camera - Homey v5?

Hi, I’ve yet to buy outdoor camera for my home security solution. I have read many suggest Arlo, but now I can’t find Arlo app after v5 release. Is it no longer supported?

as first, why not asking in te correct topic

[APP] Arlo - Security Camera - Apps - Homey Community Forum (athom.com)

second, looking in appstore its still there.

arlo | Homey


I have an Arlo, but if I where you I shouldn’t buy this. Video quality is perfect, build qualtiy is perfect.
But if you want for example;

  • Motion Detection Zones (on battery mode)
  • Cloud storage
  • Video playback

It’s all subscription based;

Ok, you can save the video to local storage, but if you want to view it outside your network you need to do some firewall tricks.

For Homey, there are just a few camera’s that are working with the app voor V4.* (not V5).

At the moment I’m selling my Arlo and probably gonna buy an Eufy.

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I’m using Foscam camera’s connected to my Synology NAS.
Both Foscam and Synology intergrate with Homey, you can store your recordings on your NAS.

You can checkout Eufy Eufy