Eufy RoboVac and Eufycam support?


I could not find any Eufy support for Homey. Is there any possible workaround to connect the smart robovac or Eufy cameras to Homey? I would really love some kind of flow so that when I leave the house the robovac would start automatically.


When you have Amazon Alexa devices; you can make a workaround with the (beta) app of Amazon Alexa:

First I made a routine in the Alexa app which triggers my Robovac to start cleaning. After that I created a flow in Homey; when I push a smart button -> the Alexa routine will be triggered. Works pretty good, when l press the button the Robovac actually starts cleaning. In this way it should also be possible to make a flow based on presence I guess.

Only disadvantage is that I can only trigger the Robovac on or off via Alexa. It cannot be triggered to go back to the charging base. Anyhow, this is not a major problem since the Robovac goes back automatically when the battery is almost empty.

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Thank you Wolter,

this is a great solution. I’ve Alexa devices so I’ll try to make it work as you suggested. :blush: Thank you for the info! Anyways, do we know the reason why Eufy is not supported in Homey?

Good to hear!
Think there isn’t a developer who looked into Eufy-Homey connection (yet). I’m not a developer but perhaps you can find someone via App requests on this forum.

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Hello. I also have EufyCam and would love a Homey app for them. I don’t have Alexa, but I do have Google Home.


I also would like Eufy app in Homey. The doorbell seems a good deal. Would like to trigger events from that doorbell in Homey.


I also have Eufy c2 cam. Homey-App would be great

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Same here! Thinking about getting the Eufy Doorbell and Eufycams 2, but also waiting for the Homey-app before buying this.


Over here also a Eufy user. Like to see Homey and Eufy connect. Cant wait.


Would be nice if a app developer could pick up the development of an eufy app. Maybe this could help:


I’d also like a native Homey app for Eufy devices. They’re a perfict fit for none-cloud and none-subscription lovers. I really hope Athom will stepp-up and bring this to us soon.


I really need the Eufy doorbell to work with Homey.

If we all email the Eufy support maybe it helps…

Worth trying :grinning::+1:

Take a look here :slight_smile: Eufy - #19 by martijnpoppen

and in the community store: Eufy Security | Homey


Hello Martijn! When I try to log onto the app in Homey, I get this error message:

Error: Request failed: → 26052 - need validate code

Do you know what it means?

Hey @Daniel_Pointer-Tax ,
Yes that’s the 2FA, for now that doesn’t work in the homey eufy app.

okay, I’ll switch 2FA off. Thanks!

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Hi @martijnpoppen, I just signed up in the hope that you can help me with my robovac but can’t find a way to DM you directly. Please advise how I can do that. Alex.

@Alex_B2 please use the dedicated topic for that. [APP][Pro] Eufy Home

@Dijker @moderators can you close this topic?