Simple flow with Alexa

I’ve got multiple Alexa devices which I’ve added to my Devices in the Homey app. However, when trying to create a flow nothing seems to happen.
The flow I’m trying to create is very simple: At night, at a certain time, give another device (Eufy RoboVac, which doesn’t have direct integration with Homey) a nudge to start cleaning.

However, this does not do anything. I figured I might misunderstand the Alexa Command, so decided to do it differently through a routine that I set up on Alexa. With the Trigger Routine card I’m getting an error about not being able to read a property ‘filter’ of undefined…

When I try adding the card through the mobile Homey app it just doesn’t seem to find any routines.
So, figured I’d go even simpler and just change the volume or use the play music card - again nothing.

What am I missing? I’ve added the Alexa devices in the Homey app and also enabled the Homey skill in my Alexa app…