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Using Alexa as a gateway

I have some lights which are supported by Alexa but not supported by Homey, is there any way to use Homey’s Alexa App to make operablity through the Alexa device?


you can fire an alexa routine with the homey alexa app, which triggers the lights.

Hi Joka,

Do you have an example of this? When I add the then card and choose routine I am not offered any routines to choose.

Probably being stupid but anyway.



you have to type in the routine name:

Thanks for the response but I am not able to do that. See below. When I press name of routine I get the following screen.


I can reproduce your problem. In my case the app shows the routines correctly when I push the input field twice.

Thank you. That’s what I was doing wrong.

Hi Joka,

Pressing the input field twice certainly populates the list of routines I can select but where is it picking this list up from? The routines it’s showing I don’t recognise and I can’t find them in my Alexa routines.

Very strange
Also what are you thinking Alexa Commands will do?


For me, the app shows my configured routines.

With the command option you can send a voice command with a flow via text.

e.g. “what time is it”.

and Alexa will answer …

Hi Joka,

I’ve tried this on two Homeys each with their own link to Alexa.

On one, as originally reported, I get a list of routines that don’t make sense to me: on the other I get an empty list. Both are linked to Alexas with many routines.

Perhaps I’m logging on to Amazon incorrectly although it says it made the link. Additionally I can make the Alexa echo talk or turn volume up etc. via a flow.

Any ideas would be welcomed.

Also is there any thought (is it possible) of making lights attached via Alexa v4 zigbee available to Homey?

Very grateful for any help please.