Homey flows > scenes in Alexa (FireTV related question

Hi all
I have an alexa related question. I would like to be able to set flows that I made in Homey as scenes in Alexa.
This because I can’t operate a FireTV with Homey (why is that actually?) so I need to incorporate all the other great things homey can do in an Alexa flow.`
Is that that virtual device or how?


You can use a virtual device as a trigger (or set any switch as one) within homey to cascade your actions.

You can then set up a routine within Alexa to turn on that switch and whatever other Alexa scenes.

I can think of a couple of options for controlling a FireTV,

  1. You can control it via a Logitech hub connected to Homey.
  2. You could also enable ADB Debugging, and then send commands.
  3. You could write an app.

Let me know if yo figure something out, as I have a FireTv as well.

They haven’t implemented that yet. Such, you only get the available devices, but not the automation (access to flows).