Error message with Tuya when trying to add device

I am trying to add a Tuya supported LED Strip but it stops when device is found. See attached screenshot. Anyone know a fix?

Try adding it as a generic Zigbee device (in the Homey app, go to the Devices tab, then press the blue + in the top right corner, New Device, Technologies > Zigbee).

Thank you for your response. The LED strip doesnt communicate with ZigBee. It just uses Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz. It adds just fine in the Tuya app.

Ah apologies. In that case, it might be better to ask your question in the app thread.

Also, see this post. You need to set the API key before you can add devices.

No apologies needed. I should have specified it in my first post. Thanks for link to the App thread!