Easy Hue Colorloop

Hi guys,

I would like to have a certain Hue color bulb start a colorloop effect after pressing a button. The Hue card has a “colorloop” effect, but is there a way to slow it down: e.g: can I set a period after which it slowly transitions to another (random) color?

A friend has done this with a flow that triggers the same flow with a random color card, but I wonder if there is an easier way?

Thanks guys!

Think no because a Flow could only have (at this time) one Card/Device/Argument in the When-Section but you need two.

One Flow for with your Button-Action in the When-Column and a second Flow with This Flow is started in the When-Column to run the Flow with the Random-Color-Cards witch loops itself as long your Button is turned on.

This color loop is a build in function from Philips, and is unfortunately not changeable in terms of duration.

What you could do, is making a module yourself with a ESP8266
write the code in Arduino IDE which is very simple and thanks the possiblities of the 8266 you can control it with homey with the card: https://apps.athom.com/app/com.internet

Hue also has the ability to create your own animations with (in experiments of the Hue app). Which can be selected as scene from a flow.

Hi Jamie,

That would be exactly what I need. Do you mean the Hue Labs section --> Living Scenes? I created one there but the scene does not appear to be in the “set a scene card” on Homey. Any ideas? Thanks!

You could also create your own hue animations - See attache

However the absolute easiest way I have been able to create a colour loop has been using the ‘transition app’ - just create a transition which set the Hue and choose how long you want it to take.

Most people use it to slow turn on a (dim) light, but same principal applies for Hue